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Name:Face Reading How to Know Anyone at a Glance [Ebook] [FTU] GloDLS

By: Barbara Roberts  (Author)
Paperback: 134 pages
Publisher: Healing + Insight Publishers (2009)
ISBN-10: 0615297986
ISBN-13: 978-0615297989
Format: PDF


FACE READING WILL HELP YOU - Choose the Career you were born to do. Read your Boss's face. - Protect your children by knowing Dangerous features in strangers - Hire Smart! Know how to choose people of Destiny. - Date safely on the Internet. Avoid mistakes! - Gain insight about your Health or illness by using facial indicators. - Know the Secrets for effective managing and business strategy - Learn psychological meanings for over 100 Facial Features.

You’re going to LOVE using this book!
Face Reading, How to Know Anyone at a Glance, by Barbara Roberts

Nationally known face reader extraordinaire, Barbara Roberts, has published her newest book on Face Reading and you’re going to absolutely love it. The exciting piece of her newest book is that you can begin applying what you are learning immediately and feel confident while you’re doing it! It really delivers what the title promotes – How to Read Anyone at a Glance. Now Face Reading could be a dry intellectual subject, locked in history and with more details than you could ever keep track of, however this book is a striking exception to all the other ones out there.

The book begins with a series of fascinating situational stories of how the author has used her face reading in tricky situations with clients. From working with the producers of the Oprah show on staffing matters to literally taking her money and running, once she saw the eyes of the fellow in line in back of her at the bank. (Yes, he did rob the bank!) From then on you’re hooked and to learn more!

I had no idea that until Freud came along, Face Reading was the only universally recognized system to understand a person’s character. After 25 years in the Face Reading profession with over 6,000 clients, Ms. Roberts created this book to empower others to effortlessly use this ancient skill.

Formatted to use as a workbook, you can easily begin to put this information to use the minute you get it, to read the different features of your friends, family, and associates, Then it goes on to cover the topics that so many of us are interested in Love, Money, Employment, and Health. This is a wonderful resource for service providers, salespeople, law enforcement, employers and everyone who has to work with the general public. On a personal level, you can better appreciate your loved ones and it can even help you to form more satisfying relationships where you are better matched.

I love is that it’s filled with so many modern examples of all of the major facial features you’ll want to know. When Ms. Roberts does use historical examples, she clearly shows you how she (and how you can too!) reached her conclusions You can just learn one area of the face and go from there without being overwhelmed that you have to “know it all.” What’s so great about this book is that it is so easy to use and understand. It takes the topic of Face Reading off the dusty shelf and re-energies this study with modern-day practical application that’s fun and invaluably useful. Purchase this book today and begin your personal empowerment through Face Reading now!

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